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Author Interview +Giveaway: Crystal Ward, Author of The Supernova Saga!




Life is full of temptations, choices, and tragedies, but through the struggles, hope and meaning can rise. Everyone is born for a purpose, and for Evania Laylen, that vocation is about to make itself known.

Guilt ridden after the death of her parents, Evania sinks into a deep depression. Living only for the addiction, and the man who saved her, she gives up on life. That is until the enigmatic Desmond Kane enters and shows her the life she was born to live. Thrust into a secret, action-packed world of good versus evil, Evania must rid her life of the addictive temptation, prepare her body for battle, and learn to embrace the possible in a world of impossible.

With her mind littered with choices, rising from her sorrow and accepting the new life could prove difficult, but for a Guardian in training, fulfilling her destiny shouldn’t be too hard . . . right?

Available in Ebook now! Print coming soon!

Interview with the Author

1. Moonlight Beauty Books would like to welcome Crystal Ward, author of The Supernova Saga! Crystal, please tell us about you and your experience as an author.

Thanks, Yoly! Well, I’m 27 and live with my ginormous cat, Princess, in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Until I make it big, ;) I pay my bills by working as a restaurant manager. I’m kinda boring. Couldn’t start a conversation if my life depended on it, but I’m cool with that.  My first memory of writing anything was a story about farm animals. Pretty sure I was eight. ;) When I was in 5th grade, I started writing film scripts. Writing books was the furthest thing from my mind. I continued with that dream until I hit high school, then I joined the drama club and fell in love with acting. My dream changed and I pursued it, but writing was always on the back burner. Obviously, that didn’t work out, but writing didn’t really come back to me either until after I read the Twilight Saga. I know everyone has their opinions of the books, and yes, they are entitled to them, but for me, the books not only entertained me, but they killed the writer’s block I suffered from for years. So, a BIG thank you to Stephenie Meyer and all the agents who said my film scripts were too wordy. Books were the way to go! ;)

2. Your series is called The Supernova Saga. What made you choose such an explosive name?

Explosive name. I love it.  Supernova, of course, is the title of the first book. The saga is made up of four books. I’ve said the other three names before, but not many people remember, so I don’t want to give them away. ;) Anyway, I got the idea for Supernova from a song actually. I was at work one day, trying to think of a title because titles have always been the worst part of writing for me. “Supernova” by RA came on the radio and I fell in love.  The name was so intense, different, and just what I was looking for. PLUS, it fit another part of the book, which shall remain a mystery until it comes out. ;)

3. Please, tell us more about the plot of your series. What are the main themes you explore in the books?

Thank God this isn’t a face to face interview. Whenever someone asks me what my books are about I go stupid. LOL I am the absolute worst at describing them. Okay so, Supernova follows the life of Evania Laylen. It starts almost four years after the death of her parents. She is basically living life as an empty shell. The guilt of her parents’ death has eaten her spirit and destroyed her soul so badly that she becomes addicted to pills. The only person she has allowed in her life is the man who saved her life, Daniel. They have this beautiful friendship that goes deeper than anything they’ve ever experienced. But still, it’s not enough. All Evania wants is to be with her parents again. So, she gives up. Enter the handsome and mysterious Desmond Kane.  He introduces her to the life she was born to live, but never knew existed. He is a Guardian. (Not to be confused with guardian angels. He’s no angel.) Along with the rest of the Guardians all over the world, they fight to keep the peace against a man who wishes to terrorize and basically take over the world. Sounds a little weird, but it’s cool. I promise ;) Anyway, Supernova is all about Evania’s training, learning about the new life, and maybe possibly some romance. ;) But overall, the main theme in the first book is Evania’s growth. She starts out as this depressed, pathetic girl and ends the book as so much more. Everything she goes through in Supernova makes her stronger, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The next two books go through Evania’s life as a Guardian, the hardships, tests, and battles. And of course, some romance. The final book in the saga answers all the questions and we find out which side will win, good or evil.

4. What prompted you to start writing this saga?

You’d never guess. It was my sister’s kitchen window. LOL I mean it! So, okay, I lived with my sister for a few months and in her kitchen/dining room there is this pretty decent sized window. We never had a curtain up and I accidentally pulled too hard on the blinds one time, so it was just open all the time. I should also mention this was when I was going through my Twilight / I love Edward Cullen phase. ;) Anyway, one day, I was sitting at the table, day dreaming about a handsome vampire waiting for me in the woods and BAM! ideas and plots started flowing through me.

5. Are your characters based on people you actually know? If not, what inspired you to write about them?

In Supernova, no one is based on anyone I know, but there are a few other characters in the other books that have been given names of some loved ones of mine.  Well, wait, that’s a lie. There is ONE person in Supernova that is named after someone, but the reasoning is my secret.  Anyway, most of the names, I found on a baby name website. I just looked up a meaning of how I knew that character would be or something “special” they could do and picked a name out of the list they provided.

6. What is your favorite part of the series?

Oh, man. Of the entire series? LOL I can’t answer that without giving something away! I will say it happens in third book. It’s intense, drama-filled, with lots of emotional chapters, and definitely shows Evania’s strength.

7. Best quote from the book is…

My favorite quote from Supernova has to be something Desmond says, “I’ll show you the possible in a world of impossible.” I love it. J

8. If you could actually meet one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Desmond Kane for sure. Without giving anything away, he’s been through a lot. The man has some stories to tell. That, and he’s amazingly good looking. ;)

9. How do you get ideas for writing? Do you set up the mood, listen to music..?

There are a lot of songs that inspired certain plots in the saga. The ones for Supernova are listed on my website. But when I was first starting with it, before I wrote a single word, I’d get all these ideas, whether it be plot points or things one of the characters would say, at random times. If I was at work, I’d have to write whatever it was down on something handy. My purse was stuffed with paper towels, napkins, cardboard, etc with all these little ideas on them. LOL That’s how I rolled. Worked for me ;) As for setting up the mood, I can’t listen to music when I write, but I have to have something on, so I’ll have the television on low or the fan on. I can’t write, or do anything really, in the complete silence LOL I’m weird. I also have to be doing something else. I’d usually have Facebook open. I’d be like, you two fight for a second while I comment on this status. LOL

10. Your top 5 favorite books and authors are…

Oh, man. LOL Okay, I’m counting series’ as one. ;)

“The Twilight Saga” by Stephenie Meyer

“The Immortals Series” by Alyson Noel

“The Fallen Series” by Lauren Kate

“The Keepers” by Monique O’Conner James (And I’m not just saying that because I love her. I LOVED that book.)

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

11. Last, is there any advice, question, comment or suggestion you would like to give to our lovely readers?

Everyone says it, but it’s true… Don’t give up! Ever! No matter what people say, follow your dreams and do what you need to do to live your passion. P.S. I hope you love my saga. J

Thank you so much for being a part of my Author Interview series!

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