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Interview with Joseph Beekman, author of A Tail Spun & Little Orphan Anvil


Moonlight Beauty Books is proud to bring and interview with sci-fi and fantasy author Joseph Beekman!

Entering the world of A Tail Spun and Little Orphan Anvil is surrounding yourself with mystery, fantasy, thriller, adventure and magic. A wonderful mix that promises not to dissapoint readers!


Hi Joseph. I’m so glad to have you here!. What can you tell our readers about you and your work?

I have always been an avid reader and storyteller since I was a kid. I remember two of my first books that I read were “Charlotte’s Web” and “Willie Wonka and the Chocalate Factory” and really being touched by the magic of those imaginary places and characters. I knew that telling stories was something I wanted to be involved in. I have lived all my life in Arizona and a graduate from the University of Arizona in Media and Fine Arts. U of A was where I was really able to pursue many avenues of book and art exploration and creativity, and though I wrote quite a lot of short tales and prose before and during college, I only recently started into the area of publishing. With the expansive areas to take advantage of in cyberspace, in regards to publishing one’s work and getting it out there, I am able to realize my dream of not just telling tales, but letting so many around the world enjoy them!

You have two books out: A Tail Spun and Little Orphan Anvil. What’s the story behind writing them?

Well, A Tail Spun was something I had in mind about 12 years ago when I had been given a stray kitten from a dear friend of mine. I lived alone and having a this 4 week old kitten as a companion was great! My friend, Elizabeth, had named him Jack, and I continued the name a bit longer naming him, Jack Galapagos Mesopawtamia! :) And while writing a bit piece about animals in a post -apocalyptic Earth, and l having a passion towards old world history and mythology, I decided to combine his character name and the history/mythology stuff, as well as my bit piece into what is now, volume one of A Tail Spun. Of course my other love of fantasy and science fiction fell right into the mix and so I wrote it! But it was not until a few years ago that I really tightened it up and published it.

Now with the tale Little Orphan Anvil, I started that one not long after the first book. Having a love for movies like Star Wars, which was a movie that really had a major impact on after I saw it back in 1977 when it was released, I liked the whole idea of robots that could interact with people and even have human-like qualitys. I wanted to do something that combined fantasy and sci-fi along with a Halloween spookiness, and so this tale was born. It was initially intended for children’s reading, but as it came along and now reading it, I feel it could be enjoyed by anyone from ages 8 and all the way up!

Did you ever struggle throughout the writing of these two books?

l did when it came to the editing of the first one. I thought I would do it all by myself and damn, did I learn quickly! Many proof copies later, I can say I am very happy with what has become a tale dear to my heart! Little Orphan Anvil was far different to write, because this time I am dealing with humans, a robot, a dog, a witch, and some zombie-like orphans, all which have many different angles of emotions and actions to create with words. It was not that difficult, however, and I actually had a great deal of fun writing it. And, of course I had an editor and a few other eyes on board to give some objective review. :)

How did you create your characters? Are they based on real-life?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, one of the main characters in A Tail Spun, was based from my cat, Jack. He is still with me, by the way! :) The other characters in this book were also based off of animals and other creatures that my friend owned, including Muin, the great tarantula spider, who is an inspiring friend and character to Jack in this book. Of course, I don’t want to reveal too much on some of the other characters, don’t want to spoil the tale! :)

In LOA, the characters were just inspired from everyday life and people, as well as my inspirtion of the fantasy/sci-fi books and movies, and a crazy imagination, too!

Your books talk a lot about robots, witches, etc. In what genre do you classify them and why?

I would have to place them in the fantasy/science fiction genre, mainly because they both deal in spells, mythical creatures, post-apocalyptic landscapes and magical lands, as well as talking animals, and technological attributions attached to characters.

What are we in when we read Little Orphan Anvil and A Tail Spun?

If I understand this correctly, the reader in A Tail Spun is in a haunted, post-apocalyptic and new age of a mythical Earth. Little Orphan Anvil, one would find themselves within a magical realm of strange and ancient landscapes in a other-worldly time of Earth.

If you could have dinner with one character of your books, which one would be and why?

Ha! That is a pretty easy one, since my cat Jack is usually eating, or trying to eat, whatever I am! :) So, I guess it would be the legendary Jack Galapagos Mesopawtamia! But, if any of the others sat down for a bite, then I would like it to probably be, the old man, Will, in Little Orphan Anvil. He is an odd old man, a bit whacky, but with a good heart, and has a lot to teach one about the simple and dear things of life.

If you had the chance to go back and change something in any of your books, would you do it? Why?

I think if I did, it might be to add a couple extra creatures or animals in the first book, and mabye extend a couple of war scenes, but I am happy with it as is, and besides..another volume is coming! :) The other book I am very happy with, and can’t wait to write another one that is kind of a spin off within it’s nature and characters.

Your top 5 favorite books and authors are…


1.Dune. Frank Herbert. By far my all time favorite book!

2. 1984. George Orwell

3. Mythology. Edit Hamilton

4. The Hobbit. J.R.R. Tolkien

5. Johnny got his gun. Dalton Trumbo


Frank Herbert, Anne Rice, Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien

Any comment, question or suggestions for our wonderful readers?

Keep on writing, dreaming, and always keep your passion alive. Never abandon hope, and always keep the faith. Things will always work out exactly the way they are supposed to, just don’t give up on pursuing your goals and dreams and lastly, “To thine own self be True!” Thank you so very much for the time and the interview! – Joseph

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